Polio patient drowns in Karachi flooding

07:18 PM | 27 Aug, 2020
Polio patient drowns in Karachi flooding

KARACHI - A woman suffering from crippling disease of polio drowned in her house on Thursday after urban flooding hit residential areas amid heavy rainfall in Karachi, local media reported.

The incident happened in PECHS Society when the rain water entered the houses. The victim was on her wheel chair and was unable to move out when high level of water engulfed her.

On the other hand, a mad lost her life after he drowned in an underpass of Karachi which was filled with water due to rains.

Floodwaters forced scores of people to evacuate their homes and head for safer areas, disrupting normal life, officials have said.

Although rains have lashed many parts of Pakistan, Karachi, located near the Arabian sea, was the hardest-hit city.

Streets were flooded with sewage water in Karachi, where drainage and sewage systems are outdated.

Rains are expected to continue this week in Karachi, where Prime Minister Imran Khan earlier this month sent troops to help local authorities in pumping out rainwater from inundated residential areas.

Every year, many cities in Pakistan struggle to cope with the annual monsoon deluge, drawing criticism about poor planning.

The monsoon season runs from July through September.