PIA pilots spot ‘UFO’ while flying over Karachi (VIDEO)

05:12 PM | 27 Jan, 2021
PIA pilots spot ‘UFO’ while flying over Karachi (VIDEO)

KARACHI – Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilots have spotted and filmed “foo fighters” also known as unidentified flying object (UFO) while flying at 35,000 feet above Karachi.

The UFOs were given the name of “Foo fighter” during the World War-II to explain mysterious aerial phenomena.

Then national carrier spokesperson said that the captain of the flight PK304 noticed the object on January 20 and immediately reported it to the authorities.

The eyewitness explained that the object was round shaped and it was emitting white light.

Pakistan Meteorological Department responding over the PIA pilots’ video said that it may be a hot air balloon, which is launched to check the air pressure.

It said that investigation into the matter has been launched.

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