Imran Khan, Erdogan only leaders of 21st century, says first lady Bushra Bibi

08:50 PM | 27 Sep, 2018
Imran Khan, Erdogan only leaders of 21st century, says first lady Bushra Bibi
ISLAMABAD - First Lady Bushra Bibi has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is a very simple and fair person who has no greed for anything at all.

In her first interview with a private TV Channel on Thursday, Bushra Bibi said, “Everyone says I brought change in Imran Khan’s life, but the reality is that change came in both of us due to each other.”

To a question, the first lady said, “Before marrying Imran Khan, people would visit me to seek guidance to be close to Allah Almighty and Prophet (PBUH) but now people come to seek her help to become close to Khan sahib.”

Reply to another question, Bushra Bibi said, “Being a human, Imran Khan is a very simple, fair person and he has absolutely no greed for anything at all.”

There is a difference between politician and leader, Imran Khan and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are only two leaders of this century, said Bushra Bibi.

"Imran Khan will change the fate of Pakistan, he is working hard for the Pakistani nation," she said and added that however, it takes time to bring change in the country.

Bushra Bibi said, "My veil is my identity."

The first lady stated that she does not use social media.

'Imran will come up to people’s expectations'

Earlier, the first lady of Pakistan, wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi, in her first message to the public had said she was more concerned than happy now that her husband has a huge responsibility to fulfil.

She said Imran Khan will come up to the expectations of the people. The position of power comes and goes but the most important factor of Imran’s victory is the responsibilities he now has, she added. However, she further added, Imran’s goal is to eradicate poverty and bring reforms in the health and education sectors of Pakistan.