PM Imran declares Aug 9 as Tigers Force Day

12:10 PM | 28 Jul, 2020
PM Imran declares Aug 9 as Tigers Force Day

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan Tuesday urged the volunteers of the Tiger Force to fully participate in the tree plantation drive being launched on August 9, which would be celebrated as Tiger Force Day throughout the country.

In his special message broadcast on Pakistan Television, the prime minister said the Tiger Force would lead the record single day tree plantation drive on August 9.

Referring to the government’s ambitious plan of planting 10 billion plants till the year 2023, he also urged his cabinet members, parliamentarians, students and people from all sections of society to join the national campaign to be led by the force comprising one million registered volunteers.

“I will also participate in the campaign along with Tiger Force, ” he added.

Dilating upon the significance of the plantation drive, the prime minister said Pakistan had been among the ten countries of the world mostly affected with the global warming.

He said the plantation drive had assumed huge importance because of the two reasons being faced by the country firstly; the urban areas of the country were experiencing environmental pollution causing health hazardous impacts upon the city dwellers.

Secondly, this plantation of 10 billion trees was required to stem against the negative causes of global warming and climate changes, he added.

The prime minister also announced to open the new registration for the Tiger Force membership.