Getting married in 2020? Here’s how your wedding day will look like

05:55 PM | 29 Jul, 2020
Getting married in 2020? Here’s how your wedding day will look like

Pakistan's wedding season is perhaps talked about around the globe. With its emergence from October, while lasting till March, we witness breathtaking mehndi and baraats with astonishing wedding décor and dresses. But apparently, 2020 has something else in store for all the couples to be married. The COVID-19 threats made the government lead to the decision to ban public gatherings, including weddings, to control the outbreak of the virus. While being a rational decision, it has perhaps broken the marriage dreams of many. However, don’t worry. You can still make your big day the most memorable day of your life. Here’s our take at how weddings will occur now that there’s an imminent threat of the virus.

 Fewer the better


Gone are the weddings that would accommodate 1000+ people. Weddings, as we perceive, won’t be the same for a long time now. Low-key weddings are the new trend now, consisting mainly of family members. This is the time to be less extravaganza and focus more on your wedding itself.

More unconventional weddings


Now is the time for couples to bring Pinterest to use and plan their wedding day in a precise manner as per their imagination. It’s more of a modern approach than a regular traditional method used by Pakistani’s since over a decade. Less extravagant weddings can also be made beautiful, with a ceremony focused only on the bride and groom rather than the whole event or series of events.

Weekend wedding tradition


We’re all fully aware of how people try and wish to keep weddings on the weekends only for their guests' availability. Since there will be fewer guests, that obligation is gone. So, feel free to have a week-day wedding now that the restriction is taken away.

Quality over quantity


Now that the guest list will be minimized, the more you can spend on the little things, like flowers and quality food. Quality over quantity is now going to be the new motto for all couples, focusing more on their big day. Now couples will seek other elements to make their wedding day meaningful and not worry about other things.