The ultimate guide to 2020 fashion trend

06:00 PM | 29 Jul, 2020
The ultimate guide to 2020 fashion trend

It must be hard keeping up to date with the changing trends now that there's a new runway show every season. Also, all trends don't make it to the top trends of the year. But don't worry; we're here to break it down for you. With all the trend information we're about to reveal to you, you're definitely going to be your group's fashionista. Delve in further and get insights you won't get elsewhere.

Striped knit dresses/shirts

Perfect for the approaching autumn and winter season, knit dresses have literally never gone out of fashion. Since it's not as thick as your regular sweater and has a more chic look to it than our everyday autumn/winter wear. Also, the stripes and vibrant colors of these knit shirts make it all the more pleasing. Don't forget to take pretty pictures for Instagram.

 Outer vests



This piece of apparel has finally made its comeback ever since the spring '20 runway. Take out your old vests sitting in your closet for years. If you don't have one, then buy one and look incredible. Pair it with a button-down full-sleeved shirt, some boots and look rad.



Now is the time to shine! Don't be afraid to flaunt yourself in a sequin dress or shirt. You have the approval from Ralph Lauren and other famous designers to look ravishing day or night with shiny and sparkly dresses. If anything, you'll stand out amongst all your friends.

Something Suede


A brand like Khaite and Celine brought back suede dresses in front of our eyes. A touch of a suede dress or shirt is definitely like no other. Suede outerwear is the new trend ever since its return in 2020.

Tropical wear


Since when have women not liked wearing nature-filled dresses? Tropical and floral prints are the new thing now. If you're a nature lover, these dresses are totally the right thing for you. So what 2020 has restricted you from traveling, Versace's ultimate tropical range will make you feel like you're up for an ultimate tropical vacation.

Fluffed up Victorian sleeves


Looks like 2020 fashion trends are taking us back years behind. These fluffed up sleeves gives a feel of a slimmer waist and adding so much elegance to your attire. So what are you waiting for ladies? You can even get it stitched from your tailor and look absolutely stunning.

Long dresses and chunky boots


We know chunky boots have a grunge impact. But a pretty long feminine dress will add all the softness you need. Keep in mind this is a 90's look, so make sure to pair the boots with a pretty flowy long dress and look like the diva you are.