Sha Posh - The notable fashion brand is developing and transforming the concept of ready-to-wear clothing in Pakistan

12:12 PM | 29 Mar, 2021
Sha Posh - The notable fashion brand is developing and transforming the concept of ready-to-wear clothing in Pakistan

GUJRANWALA – Sha Posh has its production and fabric service located in Gujranwala, Pakistan. Its headquarters serve as the main and prime reason for the manufacturing of all of the attires. From the design to its production, the headquarters are completely equipped with all essential tools,  fabric-making types of equipment, and warehouses.

There are various number of production facilities that are provided by the ShaPosh headquarters. These include Digital Printing, Screen Printing, BlockPrinting, Hand Embroidery, Machine Embroidery, Computer ControlledMachined, Embroidery. It furthers includes processing units like Cutting Unit, Stitching Unit, Quality Control Unit, and Packing Unit. Moreover, it also includes fabric-making possibilities like Washing, Drying, Dyeing, and Coating. These facilities provided by the brand Sha Posh to the customers of Pakistan are quite recognized due to the number of establishments made. This is also why they are one of the top brand winners.

The texture provided to the pre-processing and post-processing of products by Sha Posh plays an important part in delivering high-quality products. Their craft of covering capital encourages them to create fresh, different, and excellent types of outfits that can be worn at various events. Sha Posh holds the quality of serving varieties of clothes in various styles. Sha Posh has an extremely light-weighted and smooth textured cotton lawn for summers. On the other hand, is khaddar is purely handwoven, made of wool and cotton.

Both of which are widely used in the fashion world. In french clothing, light-weighted and sheer appearance chiffon are used to make dresses that are suitable for bridal wear and parties. Apart from whichSha Posh prefers the use of raw silk and jacquard to improve the durability of the attire and in the processing of their outfits which are usually used in the production of skirts and lehengas.  

Sha Posh ensures to use the best to provide to their customers. Theirmachineryplays perfection by producing mass outfits in a lesser time. Designs that require delicate skills are also completed by their high-quality machines. Also, their high skilled tailors ensure the finest and artistic production. Experienced tailors are hired for Hand embroidery that involves the use of the finest fabric and ornaments. Screen Printing is produced with customers' favorite prints where the screen is ink-filled with approved colors. This is one of the latest innovations in the industry. Furthermore, the famous art of block printing is also produced by Sha Posh in order to produce superlative and elegant designs for the customers.