"Afghan govt bore expenses of my cross-border travels," Ehsanullah Ehsan tells the details of NDS and RAW's relationship with TTP

09:18 PM | 30 Apr, 2017
ISLAMABAD - Elucidating his earlier claims about Afghan government's funding of terrorist groups in Pakistan, Ehsanullah Ehsan, the former spokesman of Jamaatul Ahrar who surrendered to the Pakistan army, has said that Afghan government bore the expenses of his cross-border travelling.

Talking to the media, Ehsan said that special committees were formed by NDS and the Afghan government that were tasked to make special arrangements for him and other terrorists during cross-border travelling.

"The committees would inform the Afghan authorities beforehand so special arrangements could be made for us," Ehsan revealed to the media.

Ehsan had earlier divulged that the TTP commander and ISIS chief Umar Khalid Khorasani got medical treatment in India after sustaining injuries in one of the terror attacks in Afghanistan.

In an ISPR-released confessional video, Ehsan had confessed to carrying out terror attacks across Pakistan. He claimed that he TTP is on the Indian payroll.

He confessed he and his accomplices had links with Indian intelligence Agency, RAW.

TTP was on the Indian payroll

Ehsan further says, “They [the TTP leadership] got their [Indian] support, their funding and took money for every activity they did. They pushed the TTP soldiers on the frontlines to fight against the Pakistan Army and went into hiding themselves,” he added.

“When they started taking help from India and RAW, I told Umar Khalid Khorasani [TTP commander] that we’re supporting the kuffar [non-believers] and helping them kill our own people in our own country.”

“He [Khorasani] said, ‘Even if Israel agrees to fund me to spread terror in Pakistan, I will take their help’… At that point, I had figured out that the TTP leadership was functioning to serve its own self-interest and agendas,” Ehsan upheld.

Ehsanullah Ehsan would not face any terrorism or criminal case against him

According to a report by the News, Ehsanullah Ehsan would not face any terrorism or criminal case against him in any court of law including the military court, as he returned after getting assurances from security establishment and promise to share secrets of Taliban.

Citing the ‘highly placed sources’, the report suggested that Ehsanullah Ehsan who recently surrendered to the Pakistan army did so under an amnesty scheme brokered by another reformed terrorist.

“Ehsan has been assured that no case would be initiated or pursued against him including those which are already registered against him,” the News quoted its source as saying.

“Besides the surety of not opening the cases against him he has also been assured of security, accommodation and food.”