PM Imran announces Rs 162 billion package for Karachi

12:37 PM | 30 Mar, 2019
PM Imran announces Rs 162 billion package for Karachi
KARACHI - Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a hefty package of 162 billion Rs the development for the country's economic hub under a new 'Karachi Master Plan 2047' on Saturday.

While announcing the package, the premier announced that the government is allocating a Rs162 billion package for development of 18 mega projects in the metropolis. "Pakistan is going through a very difficult economic phase," he said.

The premier observed that the country cannot move forward until Karachi is developed, the whole country suffered because Karachi's development was halted," he said further.

The prime minister said that it was the "Sindh government's responsibility to fix the situation in Karachi.

Talking about the sewerage issue, PM Imran said that the government will also launch sewerage and water projects in the port city, adding that no initiative have been taken before in order to save the water, but the government is taking the initiative and will soon launch a campaign in this regard.

Regarding the transport issue, the premier said that We will initiate 10 transport projects in the city and will also launch water projects.

Upholding that Karachi is "expanding", the premier said that there is a need to stop the city from further expanding and to build high-rise buildings. Karachi has the most slums. "Issues in Karachi are increasing owing to the growing population," the premier said.

The government will soon make a master plan for Karachi. It is now time to implement on the plan of action drafted for the city," PM Imran added. He said that if immediate steps were not taken to counter the global warming issues, the next generation will not forgive us.