Top Ten Highest paid models according to Forbes

09:58 PM | 31 Jan, 2018
Top Ten Highest paid models according to Forbes

You wouldn’t want to miss these top ten models


According to forbes 2017 the highest paid models around the world Earn starting from USD 5.5 million to USD 22 million. Here is a list of to 11 models.

1) Kendall Jenner:

Jenner is the Highest paid model who earns USD 22 million annually. Kendall other than being a model is a reality tv actress who can be seen in her ever longing family drama Keeping Up With The Kardashian.

She can literally pull off any look!

2) Gisele Bündchen:

This Brazilian model has been the 16th richest woman in the industry as of 2007 and she maintained a place in the worlds most powerful women , Forbes list. She is the second most paid model according to Forbes, 2017 earning USD 17.5.

Oh! you beauty.

3) Chrissy Teigen:

Mommy to be Chrissy Teigen wife of John Legend Teigen is on the three position on this list her annual salary is estimated to be USD 13.5 million. She is not only famous for her looks but also her famous cookbooks and recipes.


4) Adriana Lima:

Yet another Brazilian beauty to make the list, Lima is widely known as the most valuable Victoria secret“Angel”. She has been a very prominent part of Victoria secret and is the spokesmodel of Maybelline cosmetics since 2003. Her annual salary according to Forbes is 10.5 million.

You beauty!

5) Gigi Hadid:

Gigi Hadid annually makes 9.5 million securing the fifth spot on the list for her beauty and unique walk on the ramp. Hadid , girlfriend of Zayn Malik is heartthrob of audience and top choice of the designers.


6) Rosie Huntington Whiteley:

Rosie is yet another Victoria Secret model and face of Burberry bagging USD 9.5 million every year. She is not only a model but a businesswoman and a designer. She is a true beauty with brains.


7) Karlie Kloss:

Chicago born model Kloss is a Victoria secret model who has walked for various brands and is also an entrepreneur. Her hazel brown eyes not only mesmerize and capture attention but also brings more character to her pictures. She earns USD 9 million each year.

She is a true angel!!

8) Liu Wen:

Liu Wen is the first of East Asian model to be a part of the Victoria Secret Angels who is now making big in the industry as she is making USD 6.5 million every year. This Chinese beauty brings life to the ramp.

Asian beauty!

9) Bella Hadid:

Bella was model of the year 2016. Both Hadid sisters made it to the list, Bella bagged the nineth position on the Forbes list. She is a beauty just like her mother and sister. She annually earns USD 6 million.

Her eyes tho!!

11) Ashley Graham:

Ashley Graham is the 11th model on this list who is not only beautiful but is also a body positive model who promotes a more healthy look for women around the world earning USD 5.5 million every year.

True beauty!