Kim Kardashian gets a free pass to meet President Trump

10:13 PM | 31 May, 2018
Kim Kardashian gets a free pass to meet President Trump
Washington- Kim Kardashian did something what a lot of activist and lawyers failed to do in years. She made it to the White House for one on one conversation with President Trump over the issue of a great grandmother who is serving lifetime sentence for her first time nonviolent drug crime. Not everyone is happy with Kim making it to the White House. People see her as rich kid turned reality star making it to the White House talking about issues she isn’t an expert at.

Kim Kardashian on her way to meet President Trump:

President Trump has brought this idea that anyone can do his job as Kanye West raps “Ever since Trump won, it proved that I could be president” not only this in past Kanye rapped in favour of Trump (another reason for Kim K’s free pass in to the White House). It is believed that Kim could have used this platform and opportunity to bring forward more impactful issues like Gun laws, education and etc but instead she wanted to become an avatar for this one case.

P.s a very sexist post and picture by New York post!

In past we have seen celebrities like George Clooney meeting President Obama with an expert to talk about Sudanese civil war and he made headlines for this meeting. This administration lacks intellect and the power to work around opinionated people. However we all hope this meeting brings a difference for not only one person but more people in need.