Islamabad Car Mela 2019: PakWheels to make debut in Islamabad

  • Daily Pakistan partners with for their upcoming car mela in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD – After successfully conducting two back to back Car Melas in Lahore, is now all set to bring its magic to the nation’s capital – so mark your calendar for February 24, 2019, for PakWheels Car Mela Islamabad to be held at 2F2F, Lake View Park from 10 am to 5 pm.

There is a huge used car market in the country but many still find it hard to buy and sell a genuine used car. Appreciating this, bring the seller and the buyer under one roof for an exceptional buying and selling experience. PakWheels Car Mela is one such platform.

Buyers will have hundreds of certified cars to choose from. Sellers will have a hassle-free experience in finding the right buyer for their car. In addition, there will be a huge variety of PakWheels Certified Cars at Islamabad Car Mela.

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Benefits of PakWheels Car Mela:

For Buyers:

●     Hundreds of Certified and Inspected Cars for Sale

●     30 day/1000 km warranty of PakWheels Certified Cars

●     Only good conditioned cars are certified

●     Verified Documents of PakWheels Certified Cars

●     Buy Cars from Private Sellers

For Sellers:

●     Great opportunity to sell your car

●     Presence of thousands of Genuine Buyers

●     PakWheels team can verify the auction sheet of cars

●     PakWheels team can inspect the cars at the venue

Why PakWheels Certified Cars?

This program certifies cars after thoroughly inspecting them with the help of the latest equipment used by expert technicians. If it is an imported vehicle, PakWheels verifies the auction sheet as well. So, don’t miss this one of a kind event and ensure your present at 2F2F karting lake view park, Islamabad on sunday, 24th February 2019.