NEW YORK – American soft drink giant Pepsi faced a hard time in stock market after its Chief Executive Officer took aim at the US president-elect Donald Trump, here on Tuesday.

The bearish trend for Pepsi stocks came after its CEO Indra Nooyi slammed Donald Trump at the DealBook 2016 event suggesting that they employees were crying after Trump’s victory.

“I had to answer a lot of questions from my daughters, from our employees. They were all in mourning. Our employees were all crying. The question that they are asking, especially those who are not white ‘Are we safe’, women are asking ‘Are we safe’, LGBT people are asking ‘Are we safe’,” she said at the conference.

Nooyi was an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton and urged her to be the 45th president of US but she along with many others were stunned after Trump stole the election day with a land slide victory.

Nooyi felicitated Trump as well adding that those who supported Clinton were mourning but life has to go on.

“The process of democracy happened, we just have to let life go on. We have to come together and life has to go on,” she said.

“Locker room conversation about women is absolutely intolerable. That too that kind of locker room conversation,” she said referring to the lewd remarks made by Trump against women in a leaked 2005 video.

But as soon as he opined all this, Pepsi stocks plummeted giving a clue of Trump’s popularity in US.


Not just the stocks disappointed the firm, social media buffs also berated the 61-year-old lady through loaded tweets.