LAHORE – Youm-i-Ashur, observed throughout the country on Friday with due solemnity and reverence to pay homage to the sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions at Karbala, culminated peacefully.

Cities across the country echoed with nohas, marsiayas and the throbbing sounds of self-flagellation in various majalis and processions, while Ulema and Zakireen shed light on the bright and candid teachings of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his great companions.

Nation observes Youm-e-Ashur with due solemnity amid tight security

Law enforcers including police and Rangers along with ladies and gents scouts were deployed across the country to protect masses and to avoid any untoward incident from taking place during Ashura processions.

The mobile and internet services were also suspended in the parts of the country.

President Arif Alvi calls for promoting Islamic values in Youm-e-Ashura’s message

The provincial governments provided complete security for holding of peaceful majalis and zuljinah processions. Walk through gates, snipers and thousands of police officers were deployed on the routes of processions.

Controls rooms were set up while CCTV cameras were also placed to avoid any inappropriate incident.