KARACHI – Chief Census Commissioner Asif Bajwa on Friday assured that disabled persons will be counted in the ongoing headcount.

Addressing a press conference, Bajwa said that three new codes, which were ordered by the Supreme Court, have been included in the procedure, adding that all official concerned have been informed about them.

The long-delayed census kicked off on March 15 in Pakistan with some loopholes, people moved the court against them.

On March 16, the SC directed the federal government and the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) to amend census forms to count the disabled persons and transgenders.

Earlier, LHC Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah had said that information regarding disability could be easily included in Form 2-A’s Column No3, which pertains to “sex”, by assigning codes for disabled citizens.

Asif Bajwa further said that every house will be marked in the ‘house counting’ a part of the exercise. He also urged the owners to inform the board if any apartment has been left out of the count.