LAHORE – The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Saqib Nisar on Sunday directed PML-N leader Hamza Shehbaz and Ayesha Ahad to appear before the court on Monday.

Ayesha Ahad who claims to be the wife of Shehbaz Sharif’s son had registered a case against Hamza alleging him of assaulting her and issuing threats to her besides snatching her possessions including jewelry, a mobile phone, and a purse.

CLP Nisar headed a bench hearing the Ayesha Ahad torture case in Supreme Court’s Lahore registry earlier today.

SC orders filing case against Hamza Shehbaz for ‘torturing’ Ayesha Ahad

During the hearing, Ahad’s counsel told the apex court that, despite a case being registered against Hamza Shehbaz, he has not been arrested.

To this end, the CJP directed both Hamza Shehbaz and Ayesha Ahad to appear before the SC on Monday.

Earlier this week, Ayesha Ahad, registered another complaint against and PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif’s son-in-law Ali Imran.

She alleged that some men sent allegedly by Hamza forcibly took her laptop, nikah nama (marriage contract), and other documents.

Ayesha Ahad files kidnapping complaint against Hamza Shehbaz

Apart from Hamza, others accused in the case comprise former Inspector-General (IG) Rana Maqbool, Zulfiqar Cheema, Inspector Ateeq Dogar, and Imran Yousuf, as per Captain (retd) Amin Wains, the capital city police officer (CCPO) for Lahore.

Hamza, however, had rebutted the claims saying Ayesha Ahad’s accusations were baseless and that she had made the same accusations in 2014 in the court of law but was unable to present any evidence.