LAHORE – The biggest student-run newspaper of Lahore University of Management Sciences is now available.

LUMS Daily Student (LDS) is co-published with Daily Pakistan, and features articles about campus life, and local and global issues.

The first issue of LDS was released on February 17, 2017, Saturday, featuring ‘The H Word’ on the cover. (‘H’ for harassment)

The newsletter also features top stories, previously published in Daily Pakistan.

The articles included in this publication offer important insights into the complex and challenging issues that frame equity in education policy debates across and between different national contexts.

“This is a truly a start of a new era,” said Mr. Usman Shami, Executive Editor, Daily Pakistan.

“We, at Daily Pakistan, continue to grow at an exponential rate because we write about things others do not write about and expose things missed by the media, intentionally or unintentionally. Compared to others, we are new but we continue to improve. This process of growth is an amazing journey that we want to share with students of LUMS,” Mr. Shami explained.

“By growing together we can learn together, we can discover new paths and explore new territories. There is no other way forward,” he added.

The LDS club includes: President LDS Zuhair Murad, Editor-in-Chief Zuha Siddiqui, Editor Fatima Umar, Editor Umer Bin Zia, Editor Hannan A. L. Khan, and a dedicated team of sub editors.

View the publication below or download the PDF.

Lds by Khawaja Daud on Scribd

A limited number of hard copies can also be borrowed from the LUMS office.