No one wants to leave the spotlight, once you get a taste of glamor in showbiz!

But, surprisingly some of the most famous Pakistani celebrities left the ‘limelight’ when they were at the peak of the careers, to follow a more spiritual path.

Here is a list of  famous Pakistani celebrities have done exactly that:

 1. Ali Afzal

Ali Afzal is a former TV actor who was inspired by Farhan Ali Agha. This inspiration marked a new beginning for Afzal, following which he left showbiz.


  2. Sara Chaudhry

Sara is a former Pakistani actress, who worked in showbiz for 11 years. Sara suddenly left showbiz and became an Islamic scholar.



3. Sataesh Khan

Model, singer and actress, Sataesh Khan also left showbiz like Sara Chaudhry. In an interview Sataesh said she is not ashamed of her work in showbiz but now she has chosen the ‘right path’.


4. Nargis

Pakistani film actress and stage dancer, Nagris also disappeared from TV screens. In 2012, Nargis announced that she was quit her acting and dancing career, and was going to start practicing Islam.



5. Ali Haider

Ali Haider the most famous singer of the 90’s. He decided to say goodbye to singing when his son was severely ill. His famous song Purani Jeans Aur Guitar is still famous and enjoyed by the youth of today.



6. Ajab Gull

Famous actor, director and producer of the Pakistani TV, theatre and film industry, Ajab Gull also left showbiz and started preaching Islam.


7. Ayaz Khan

Famous actor and comedian, Ayaz Khan also left showbiz and started preaching Islam with actor Ali Afzal.



8. Urooj Nasir

Famous model and actress Urooj Nasir left showbiz at the peak of her career. Now she is seen wearing an abaya and scarf, preaching Islam.