MUMBAI (Web Desk) – Indian model and actress Arshi Khan filed a written complaint with the Mumbai police accusing a Dubai-based bookie of coercing her to influence Pakistani and Indian cricketers to get them to ‘do his bidding’, Indian media reported on Monday.

Arshi said in her complaint that a bookie from Dubai who identified himself as Arif Mohamed called her and suggested that she could make a lot of money if she used her contacts with some of the top cricketers in Pakistan and tried to influence them.

Speaking to news agency IndiaNewsNetwork.IN in Mumbai, Arshi Khan said, “I got a call from a Dubai mobile number. I answered the call and a person who identified himself as some Arif Mohamed said that he would pay me Rs 5 crore if I could help him influence several Indian and Pakistani cricketers. Upon this, I immediately instructed my manager Rajesh Sawant to draft a written complaint and submit it to the nearest police station,” Arshi said.

Apparently Arshi Khan has been in the news for her proximity to many Indian and Pakistani cricketers.

She recently admitted publicly that she shared an intimate relationship with Pakistani skipper Shahid Afridi.

Media reports also claimed she was also ‘close’ to many Indian cricketers including Yuvraj Singh and M S Dhoni.

Arshi Khan had denied these reports and stated that she only met Singh and Dhoni and public events and all that was exchanged between them was a polite and casual ‘hi’ and that the reports of link-ups were totally false.