Women like myself who strain to walk in heels and it seems like torture to walk events with the only thought in your head being ‘please don’t fall in front of so and so, it will be so humiliating,’  well I’m sure you already know the benefit of the ‘block heel’.  I hope some of my girlies can also relate.


I cannot feel comfortable walking in something other than what God has already given me, my feet.


Although some women walk in heels like they were born wearing them, and sleep wearing them, some girls still stick to the little comforts of life, which include easy to wear shoes so they can walk all they want.


While Marilyn Monroe would beg to differ, according to ‘comfort loving’ girls, Block Heels do the trick. They give the heels a pump and you look formal wearing them, and they aren’t uncomfortable either, as it’s a whole piece of steel/wood supporting your foot and you don’t feel tortured after walking up and down stairs, even though I’d still approve of sneakers for the walking days over anything else.

So all you ladies who hate wearing heels but need some nice formals for occasions, go for block heels! They are a win win situation for all the women who want to wear heels but can’t.