So basically the movie revolves around two best friends who are like brothers (Sonu and Titu) played by Kartik Aaryan,Sunny Nijar and have got their bromance going while this girl Sweety (Nushrat Bharucha) enters the life of these boys creating a stir. For Titu it’s a perfect love story while for Sonu there is something fishy going on with the whole situation. Titu is a grown up baby who is just looking for commitment (as he is the only character with a proper backing the rest are just there playing the roles without any reasoning) Ok at first it seemed like probably Sonu is feeling a bit left out, territorial and a third wheeler but later it is clear that Sweety is no sweets she is a lying, psychotic gold digger who’d do anything to get Titu wrapped around her little fingers.

There are two points of discussion here, this movie made INR 100 crore (How and why?) and that the movie is for sure written by some misogynist as the “evil” Sweety without any clear reason is causing trouble for everyone especially Sonu. This movie which had no prominent actors only made this much money because people want something fun and light as there is a lot of negative stuff in life already (Bollywood should focus on fun stuff too).

Secondly the approach towards the female character was a bit weak as no background was given of Sweety with which people could join the dots only a bit of “gold digger” feels were given which I probably missed somewhere while munching my popcorns. Luv Ranjan the director recently said that he is a practical director and has shown a “wrong” female who are present could be psychopaths, gold diggers and villains. Well there sure were a lot of sports cars, partying in Amsterdam and gifted flats in the movie.

The movie was different from what we have been seeing on the screen from a very long time but their should’ve been a bit more explanation and emphasis on Sweety’s character to bring more life to it. It sure was a half cooked meal for us.

Oh and by the the way they had an almost the same song as Balam pichkari.

Eye candy!!