Hadiqa Kiani has always been a stunner with her hairstyles & clothes, and she’s anything but boring to the eyes! We love how the diva has transformed her looks over the years.

This time around, she has yet again reigned supremely in ‘folk lore’, with her songs ‘Kamlee Tha Dhola’, ‘Bhit Ja Bhitaai’ and ‘Aj Rung Hai’. 

The fourth song in the chapter is a tribute to none other than Baba Bulleh Shah, the most loved & respected Punjabi (Muslim) philosopher.


Her new project, ‘WAJD’, is about reliving Punjabi historical folk songs, and she has had millions of views on these songs. You go, girl! That is the inspirational music we all need.

The other artists involved in KAMLI are Steve George on the Saz Baglama, Baqir Abbas on the flutes, Asif Ali Goga on the Qawali Jori, and Irfan Kiani, Imran Ali on the harmoniums. 

Hadiqa’s deep-sounding vocals and her simple ‘sufiyana’ attire give the video a very spiritual vibe.