LAHORE – Actress Humaima Malick has shared harassment incident during her stay at the Nishat Hotel in Lahore. The Bol actress also posted screenshots on her Instagram account of continuous, rather ridiculous, messages from a person who wanted to discuss a “business proposal” with her at 2:00 AM.

However, his continuous messaging charade didn’t end when Humaima didn’t reply and he asked her if she wanted to go out with him since he heard her crying and wanted to see if she was okay. Funny business propositions.

Apart from constant messages, the guy refused to reveal who gave him Humaima’s number and kept insisting that they had “mutual friends in Karachi.”

The actress also mentioned the carelessness and mismanagement by the leading organization of the country ‘Nishat Hotel’ of not taking care of their guest’s privacy and leaking her personal information to anyone without consent.

Malick posted on her Instagram that she had been upset because of a death in her family but Mr. stalker had to impart some golden advice regarding why she shouldn’t cry since “he (because she was obviously crying about a break up) wasn’t worth it”. She also mentioned that the guy was staying next to her room so she had so changed her room also.

Also, she was not happy to see her pictures taken at Nishat Hotel lobby at the hotel’s Instagram page for getting publicity. The actress also mentioned in her post that she was not informed about this event.

Is it safe staying in a hotel alone? Also till when women will be facing blackmailing and harassment cases? What do you have to say about this? Do let us know in the comments section below.