In an era in which beauty standards and health standards for women are defined no less than that of perfection, there are people who struggle to break free from the rules of the ordinary and the pliant. The Italian city of Milan is internationally recognized as the hub of fashion, along with the world’s other fashion capitals, such as Paris, London and New York.

Just recently, the International Fashion Council of Milan banned the size zero figure for catwalks, and because of this the city has acclaimed its name as first in the world to take a step forward towards changing the rules of the game as well as setting forth constructive behavior.

This issue was raised a month after the death of a Brazilian model, leading to a new self-regulation code by the Italian government and designers stating that all models in future shows will have to be “full bodied, healthy and radiant Mediterranean types.”

In a statement made both by Italy’s Fashion Council and the government, “Many women affected by eating disorders had started dieting to attain the figures of catwalk models and cover girls.”

“It’s true that anorexia is not born on the catwalk but the fashion industry could not stand by as an indifferent spectator,” said Italy’s Youth Minister Giovanna Melandri.

He also added, “The thin models that we have seen on catwalks have been a cause of the increase in this illness which has also caused numerous deaths. The idea is to show the difference between a thin beautiful model and a thin ill model.”

The Italian government’s appeal reads that models with a body mass index of less than 18 will not be allowed to take part in fashion shows and will also be duly fined if not following it vigorously. All models under 16 will be banned and larger sizes, 14 and 16, will also be introduced into new shows.

With these new turn of events, famous fashion designer, Giorgio Armani, spoke out against thin models and said, “The time has now come for clarity. We all need to work together against anorexia.”

The appeal that was launched by the Italian government has been warmly welcomed and approved of by modeling agencies, photographers and makeup artists alike in the fashion world.

Countries like Europe and France also have already banned underweight skinny models, and now India has followed suit.

Does this mean changing times for Pakistan?