Kalki Koechlin: People often turn a blind eye to sexual harassment

  • “I don’t think we provide an environment to our women to speak up about sexual abuse.”

MUMBAI – In the wake of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment scandal, Bollywood star Kalki Koechlin said that there are women who face sexual abuse in the film industry but people often turn a blind eye to them as they are not famous or successful.

“I don’t think we provide an environment to our women to speak up about sexual abuse,” said Kalki.

She further commented, “We only listen to people once they are successful or famous. There are a lot of women who are at the struggling stages of their career who talk about these things but no one will listen to their story.”

The ‘Ribbon’ actress said that one should take responsibility for what is happening in the country instead of “harping” the blame on one another.

“We are harping on the Harvey Weinstein issue which happened in LA while we have our own issues — the incidents at High Spirits in Pune, or the TVF incident (its CEO Arunabh Kumar was accused of molesting a woman). You hear about these things for half a day and then it is gone. We need to take responsibility for our own stories. I feel it’s about time we start listening to them.”

Recently, actor Irrfan Khan contemplated that things are not that different in Bollywood as he was asked to compromise for work during his initial days. While Kalki says no one will “dare” to do that with her, she is glad Irrfan spoke about the issue.

Kalki’s new film, ‘Ribbon’ is scheduled to release on November 3. Here is a look at the trailer.