Style Loft misuses Maria B.’s name, selling replicas as the real deal.

Maria B. has announced its decision to take action against the other party calling the action “highly condemnable”.

“Till date, MARIA.B. has never launched a Moharram collection.”

In a series of unfortunate events, TV anchor Dr. Fiza Khan called out the renowned brand Maria B. for putting out Moharam Collection. To celebrate a religious holiday of such high esteem was unthinkable in her opinion. Furthermore to everyone’s amazement, this came as a shock that Style Loft, an online Facebook page selling replicas of famous brands had posted it instead of Maria B.’s official facebook page and site.

Fast forward, a statement was issued by Maria B. facebook page stating:

“This ad belongs to STYLE LOFT as highlighted clearly this is a replica which has stolen our image and made a fake MARIA.B. post. Till date,MARIA.B. has never launched a Moharram collection. Please contact STYLE LOFT for further clarifications. We are investigating the source of these fake digital properties and will be taking legal actions against all those who are involved in this highly condemnable activity.#MARIAB”

The officials also stated in a comment that they would be sending the TV host/ anchor a legal notice for not gathering her facts and spreading a bad name for them.

They also responded to further comments and queries of their followers.

Let us see how the blamed parties respond to these claims. Stay tuned for further updates.

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