NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – India’s veteran poet and filmmaker Gulzar on Saturday said that India government is responsible for increasing incidents of intolerance in country and that there have been no freedom of expression in India.

In an interview with Asia News International (ANI), Gulzar went on to say that he had never thought of such a day when he will have to tell his religion before his name. Everybody is living in the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty in this country, we have never seen an atmosphere like this in India before, he added.

He further said the society could not be blamed for growing intolerance in the country as the flaw lied clearly in the system or the government.

While commenting about the writers and poets returning Akademi awards as protest Gulzar said this is not the solution because the Akademi is an autonomous body. Awards that have been bestowed by the government are the ones that should be returned, he said.