With an ambition to promote peaceful narrative and commemorate the sacrifices of our forefathers, Peaceful Pakistan in collaboration with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and Arfa Software Technology Park (ASTP) celebrated Pakistan Day with immense sentiments of patriotism. The event held at Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore’s IT landmark, was presided by Director General PITB Waqar Qureshi. Joint Director e-Government services PITB Hasnain Iqbal also graced the occasion along with other senior officials.

Amongst special guests at the celebration was war hero and former Ambassador to Indonesia, General Mustafa Hussain, and eminent artist, RM Naeem. While commemorating the historic significance of Pakistan Resolution Day, General Mustafa Hussain spoke on the dedication of the Pakistan Armed Forces and the government during present times. He said, “Genuine patriotism is the key to national unity. It is essential to recall the struggle and sacrifices of our leaders to keep the sentiments of patriotism stirring within us. We salute our martyrs and heroes who are combating terrorism to secure for us a peaceful Pakistan.”

In addition to this, RM Naeem laid stress on cultural harmony and national unity to sketch a prosperous and peaceful Pakistan. Expressing the need to pursue cultural harmony he said, “Pakistan is blessed with cultural diversity which is evident of the fact that Pakistan is a country for all. We need to endorse coexistence and intercultural harmony in our everyday life. We have a rich heritage and a very rich culture. It is only by celebrating our cultural ethnicity we can defy extremism and promote peace.”

Distinguished guests Gen Mustafa and RM Naeem with DG PITB Waqar Qureshi and Tahir Parvaz

Among the distinguished guests also was renowned poet and Director Communications Information Technology University (ITU), Tahir Parvaz, who overwhelmed the audience with his heart-touching poem dedicated to Pakistan.

The Sacred Heart Convent Choir especially joined hands with Peaceful Pakistan to stir sentiments of patriotism through peace songs. The choir sang the National Anthem, while raising the sentiments of attendees in a crescendo of nationalism.  Kevin Kotigala of Sri Lankan origin, a young student from St Anthony’s High School, played national songs on Sitar with which the event concluded.

Sacred Heart Convent Choir sings the National Anthem
Kevin Kotigala from St Anthony’s High School played the anthem on sitar