The ever-turbulent Kashmir Valley might not seem like the most appropriate venue for music. However, just recently a group of rappers from Kashmir, Nagaland and Nigeria have collaborated on a song titled ‘We Gonna Rise Kashmir’, which they have dedicated to the mass rape victims of Kunan Poshpora.

The singers are Aamir Ame and Husteer from Kashmir, Shady Joe from Nigeria and Vsumi from Nagaland.

This little blend of rap and hip-hop is a very innovative and welcoming concept for the people of Kashmir, who have had zero exposure to new outlets and avenues due to sheer mechanisms of violence in the state.

It is so exciting for youngsters to take to platforms like these to tell their own stories and show the world that if given the chance, they literally can be next to none. Aamir says that they would definitely continue in their art to express their protest.

The song ends with, You will never be forgiven for slaying my people, And the voice of resistance will shine like a beacon, Surviving in struggle from the day of birth, I know we will rise ripping chest of this earth.”