Finally, a viral challenge that’s making the world a little bit of a better place.

Known as the #TrashTag challenge, the social media “movement” per se, has inspired people to go out of their way and clean up litter-soaked places to the likes of beaches, forests and public parks.

Unlike some of the other more recent challenges, this one makes people feel good about themselves and the environment around them and helps to clean up spaces for others. As thousands of people go outdoors to help clear trash and litter, they help people focus on taking care of their community for future generations and others.

The challenge has been taken up by people across countries, and goes by different names including #CleanUpChallenge, #trashchallenge and #ChallengeforChange.

It all started with this post on Instagram and the challenge caught fire:

Users across Twitter, Reddit and Instagram have started to clean up polluted areas near them and are sharing their stories on social media.

Has anyone in Pakistan taken up the #trashtag challenge? Have anything to add to the story? Share your thoughts with us!