Your office can throw unexpected surprises at you. It’s up to you whether to take it as a comedy or a tragedy. Any normal day in the office can introduce you to all plethora of what is good and bad in life. However, despite the variety, the number of people that are part and parcel of our everyday normal office space can be neatly condensed into a few categories.


The Boss

This individual somehow naturally possesses the telepathic powers to read your mind and make your day a living hell. He sees through every excuse of yours of ever coming late, not finishing your assignments on time or any last minute emergency situation (death of your parents, dog or even your cook). He is that one person who never seems happy with how much heart and soul you put into your work, and ever eggs you on to do a little more with just a little less of your monetary reward!


The Jealous Co-worker

The other inevitable office personality is the jealous co-worker. His only aim in life is to undermine your every move at the office, either with a derogatory remark, a sneer, or a lodging complaint of your minor blemishes as catastrophic events to the higher management or bosses. Also, most certainly, this co-worker is smarter, better looking and sharper than you are. He is the standard you have always hoped to attain but never can.


The Underdog

This individual in your office is the only one who you adore – the Underdog! Nobody appreciates his/her qualities of either the head or the heart. People consistently judge him or her by appearances – typically grotesque, rough at the edges and chubby. This individual doesn’t care about how he or she dresses or how he or she carries himself/herself. Everyone chooses to avoid this kind of person because he or she never seems concerned. But deep down, this one has a heart of gold. This person is the best of friends with you and is your confidant in times when you hit rock bottom. He or she is your absolute reliable partner when you’re in need of money or sincere advice. Without him/her your office experience would be a living hell.


The Eternal Fool

The eternal fool, the joker in the pack, the funny guy: This individual can make you laugh even at a funeral! This one is always coming up with little pranks to make everyone’s life better at the office. He can crack a joke at a moment’s notice and come up with a comic idea out of adverse situations. This person is the only one who even the Boss might be a little reluctant to mess around with.


The Wife’s Dish

Another character out of a comic strip can be called: a dish prepared by the wife. This one is always neat and clean, prim and proper, and comes with excessive use of oil in his hair. He does not only adore his spouse but also shares a close relationship with his mother. He is over-obsessively in love with perfection. He eats the perfect food out of a perfect lunchbox prepared by his perfect wife or mother, comes at the perfect time, leaves at the perfect time, does his assignments at the perfect time and, we suppose, sleeps in perfect peace at the perfect time as well.


The Chocolate Boy

Here comes the blockbuster hero: the Romeo, Tarzan and King Kong of the entire office – the man with a face straight out of Hollywood! This one needs no explanation. All the girls swoon over him and all the guys hate him for the things about him they can never have.


With your workplace full of such diverse characters, it is assured that you can never have a boring moment from 9 to 5!