Zubaida Apa recommends Nawaz Sharif to try Nido 1+ to raise his immunity

As Panamagate proceedings head towards a conclusion, various attempts have been made by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to parry the Supreme Court’s jurisdiction on the matter. These attempts have been so far been unsuccessful as the Supreme Court has declared that the Prime Minister does not enjoy absolute immunity from court proceedings.

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In this endeavor, the Prime Minister has received an invaluable piece of advice from Pakistan’s authority on household remedies. According to Zubaida Apa, to raise immunity Nawaz Sharif needs to regularly consume Nido1+. Aapa also spoke candidly about how this formula contained pro-biotics that aid in healthy development.

However, when asked if this was really the case, Zubaida Apa revealed that she had only said this due to a massive endorsement by Nestle in her program. In actuality her totka to raise immunity was to consume some honey in warm water.

No not this honey.
No not this honey.

However, we must remember that Mian sb is a veteran politician who has witnessed a variety of political developments (including military coups). Moreover his political prowess cannot be ignored as becoming a political heavyweight of Punjab is no small achievement. Surely he has some totkay of his own.

Desi totka

Zeeshan Iftakhar

Zeeshan Iftakhar

Zeeshan Iftakhar is a student of Law at LUMS and a keen admirer of qeemay walay naan.