KARACHI – Actors, activists and people from different parts of the city on Sunday gathered at Sea View to pay tribute to late Junaid Jamshed, Abdul Sattar Edhi and the martyrs of the Army Public School.

Faisal Edhi, actor Mani, ‘Fix it’ campaign head Alamgir Khan along with others walked from Pakistan Monument till Village restaurant, with some people accompanying the group on bicycles and motorbikes.

Actor Mani said on the occasion Junaid Jamshed was a born artist and succeeded in every aspect of his life.

Faisal Edhi said the nation should remember the legacy left behind and the work done by Abdul Sattar Edhi and spread his message of love in the society.

Shariq Saeed, a member of the organising committee, said Pakistan should remember Junaid Jamshed’s legacy and the way he built a bridge between religion and the world.