Banners calling for liberation of Kashmir, other Indian states pop up in Geneva

  • The banners have been put up when the UN Human Rights Council session is underway

GENEVA – Scores of banners have been put up on metro buses and trams in Geneva city of Switzerland, calling for the freedom of Indian-occupied Kashmir and other Indian states like Tripura, Nagaland and Manipur.

The banners surfaced on Monday at a time when the 36th session of UN Human Rights Council is underway.

The Swiss city holds a high-profile reputation as it is home to one of the four main UN offices.

It is still unknown as to who displayed the banners calling for an end to the Indian occupation and atrocities in these states.

Earlier, last week ‘Free Baluchistan’ ads popped up in the Swiss city. Pakistan accused Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), a separatist terror group responsible for violence in Baluchistan to have displayed the banners.

The Foreign Office also summoned Swiss Ambassador-designate Thomas Kolly over the display of anti-Pakistan posters and “an insidious paid campaign against Pakistan” being run by BLA in Switzerland.

Swiss authorities, however, informed the Pakistan government that the display of such posters was not a violation of their laws.

Annoyed over the situation, Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani assailed the Foreign Office, calling for the expulsion of the Swiss ambassador.