LAHORE – Chairman Pakistan People Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has once again threatened of a street movement against the government in case his four demands were not accepted by December 27.

The 28-years-old chairman was addressing a jubilant crowd gathered at Bilawal house Lahore for party’s foundation day celebrations.

Bilawal, in his quintessential emotional tone also chanted slogans of ‘Go Nawaz Go’ and ‘Go Nisar Go’.

He reiterated his stance regarding the failure of National Action Plan and dubbed National Action Plan as N-League Action Plan besides claiming that it had failed in combating terrorism mainly due to interior minister Ch.Nisar Ali Khan.

Bilawal vowed to become Prime Minister after 2018 general elections by the support of masses.

A special cake cutting ceremony was also arranged regarding Sindh Culture Day. Bilawal himself wore a Sindhi Cap and traditional multi colored Ajrak.

The four demands put forth by the PPP chairman at Karsaz rally on October 17 are as under:

1.       Parliamentary committee on national security be formed.

2.       PPP’s Panama bill should be passed.

3.       Asif Zardari’s resolution on CPEC should be implemented.

4.       A foreign minister should be appointed immediately.