Dictators bring ‘fake development, artificial change’: Saad Rafique

  • 'Musharraf is an abrogator of the Constitution and enemy of the public'

ISLAMABAD – Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique on Friday lashed out at former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf for making a statement that dictators brought the country on track, but civilian government derailed it.

The minister says, “Dictators bring fake development and artificial change to the country,” adding that Musharraf’s policies had shaken the roots of Pakistan.

‘Dictators brought Pakistan on track but civilians always ruined it’: Parvez Musharraf

Pervez Musharraf is an abrogator of the Constitution and enemy of the public, Rafique comments.

“Now, there is no one to mourn the dictators as they have been forgotten by the nation,” he said, adding that elected rulers have been remembered despite their mistakes.

The statement of Saad Rafique follows Musharraf’s interview to BBC Urdu in which he claimed that dictators put Pakistan on a road leading to development, but civilians always ruined it.

Musharraf further claimed that all countries of Asia observed progress due to dictators. Endorsing his view point, he said that public did not care whether the country was being ruled by a civilian government, dictator or king, as all it wants was development and prosperity.

He added that military dictatorship always brought the country on track, pointing to the previous records of elected governments and military regimes.

“What is the benefit of holding elections and giving liberty if there is no property?” he questioned.

Musharraf held Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto responsible for breaking Pakistan and praised former dictator General (late) Ayub Khan for record development during his tenure of 10 years.