Flour mill used to make explosives unearthed in Peshawar

  • Police launched a search operation and discovered a flour mill being used to make explosives
  • Two terrorists were also killed while five security officials faced injuries
  • Inspector General Police (IGP) Salahuddin Masood lauded police officials for successful operaion

ISLAMABAD – A flour mill used to make make bombs was unearthed by Khyber Pukhtunkhwa police during an operation in Chamkani area early Saturday.

According to City Police Officer (CCPO) Tahir Khan, the law enforcers started an operation on a tip-off. As soon as police reached the site, near grid station of Chamkani area, terrorists opened fire on the policemen . After this, the terrorists hid into a ‘flour mill’.

Khan maintained that two terrorists were killed and five security officers were injured in an exchange of fire between police and terrorists . However, a terrorist managed to flee the scene, and a search operation is underway.

The police also seized a huge cache of arms from the factory including six hang grenades, four pistols, four Kalashnikovs, explosives making material, 600 detonators, primer cord, integrated circuits, time-device and multiple mobile phones with pictures of different locations, Geo News reported.

Khan said that the factory was a multi-story structure and there might be more explosive-making material which could be hidden elsewhere within the vicinity.

Inspector General Police (IGP) Salahuddin Masood lavished praise on the police for their dedication and remarked that the terrorists belonged to a banned outfit.

“A high profile terrorist commander was also among those killed,” the IGP said.