SHARJAH (Web Desk) – Honesty is the best policy and a Pakistani driver in Sharjah opted the policy to return AED1.7 million to the owner who forgot his briefcase inside his taxi.

Naseerallah Sher Dola, who works for Sharjah Taxi, found a briefcase left by an East Asian passenger he picked up at Sharjah Airport.

The briefcase contained AED1,700,000 and important documents of the businessman.

After spotting the briefcase, the driver drove back to the airport and notified the taxi office who then contacted police to track down the businessman and return the briefcase to him.

Abdulaziz Al Jarwan, director of Sharjah Road and Transport Authority, said taxi drivers are applauded for their honesty, and Mr. Dola was an excellent example of a dedicated cabbie.

The honest Pakistani was presented with a certificate of gratitude and an unspecified financial reward.

“We always honour our dedicated staff members, and we encourage other drivers to follow suit,” Mr Al Jarwan said.

Earlier in 2012, Pakistani Dubai Taxi Driver Omer Ajmal Khan had Returned Lost Dh 123,700.