ISLAMABAD – Islamabad High Court on Wednesday  granted permission to Indian woman Dr. Uzma, who married a Pakistani man, to go back to her country.

A bench, headed by Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani, was hearing the case on Wednesday regarding the repatriation of the Indian national.

The court gave her original immigration form, which was submitted by her Pakistani husband Tahir Ali to the court.

The court also directed the Islamabad police to hand over Uzma to Lahore police safely in order to send her back to India through Wagah border.

During the hearing, Uzma lost consciousness and doctors conducted her medical check up.

Tahir Ali had claimed that he and Uzma, who hails from New Delhi fell in love in Malaysia, after which Uzma reached Pakistan on May 1 via the Wagah border, and married him on May 3.

Later, they both approached Indian High Commission to apply for a visa on May 7, but Indian authorities barred his wife from leaving the office. However, Indian officials claimed that Uzma is living there of her own free will.

Refusing Ali’s claims, Uzma revealed that she was forced to marry Ali at gunpoint. She further remarked that she was unaware that Ali was already married and has four children.

However, these claims were challenged by her husband, who even provided details of a private conversation in which the Indian national seemed to know about his first marriage.

Moreover, their Nikkah video also surfaced in which no signs of violence can be seen.

On May 19, Uzma had presented a six-page reply before the high court pressing her earlier claims of forced marriage with Tahir.