ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) -The Interior Ministry has directed the Federal Investigation Agecny to take action under new powers.

Under the new power, money laundering case against Altaf Hussain and his colleagues will be registered.

It is learnt that FIA has been directed to register cases under powers to investigate crimes pertaining to money laundering, financial assistance to terrorists, terrorism and cyber crimes. The cases will be registered by Anti-Terrorism Wing and in the first phase high profile cases will be registered.

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Besides money laundering case against Altaf Hussain cases will also be registered against other politicians.

The Interior Ministry has approached the British government for details of money laundering against Altaf Hussain while the existing record is also being analysed.
The FIA will also register cases under Protection of Pakistan Act. A decision has also been made to task FIA to conduct investigations against leaders of some opposition parties.