RAWALPINDI – A case has been registered against Pakistan’s top journalist Hamid Mir on kidnapping charges of a killed secret service agent, Khalid Khawaja.

Ramna police have registered an FIR on the orders of Islamabad High Court. The court issued the order a few days ago on a petition of Shamama Malik, widow of Khalid Khawaja. He had been allegedly kidnapped from his Islamabad’s house G-10/2 sector in March 2010.

Ms Shamama alleged in her complaint that Hamid Mir and Usman Punjabi were involved in the kidnapping of her husband.

The complaint further stated that Khawaja was taken to North Waziristan from where his bullet-riddled body was found in April 2010. His body was brought back to Islamabad but no autopsy was done.

On the other hand, Mir, while responding to the FIR, stated that it is an old case of 2010 in which he was cleared. The reemerging of the case only to silence his voice but fake FIRs cannot stop him.