KARACHI – Jordanian drifter Ahmad Daham, also known as the “King of Drift”,  is in Pakistan and hopes to teach drifting skills to Pakistani drifters during his short visit here.

Ahmad Daham, who has been named in Guinness Book of World Records for an astonishing performance of 28.5 kilometres of non-stop drifting, said that Pakistan – like any other country – has a lot of talent in drifting, and the only thing that the drifters in the country need is proper guidance.

“I am here to promote car park drifting. A lot of people here love drifting, but they don’t know how exactly to drift.” Daham told media in Karachi.

He said that he will organise a workshop in Lahore next week to teach local drifters some basic skills of drifting, hoping that his guidance will help Pakistani drifters to put an impact on the global drifting scene.

“I will conduct a workshop here to teach drifting skills, teach whatever I have learnt to take drifting out of the roads to a safe environment on safer tracks,” he said.

“There must be very talented drifters in Pakistan, but there is no one to guide them in the right way. I will tell them how to set up their cars for drifting, in able to participate in the drifting scene,” he added.

Ahmed who has won several drifting competition across the Middle East, insisted that drifting shouldn’t be done on open roads and there is a need to have proper tracks in order to promote drifting as sports in Pakistan.

“If it is done on open roads, then it is very risky,” he said.

During his workshop in Lahore, Ahmad will tell local drifters about car park drift. And according to him, anyone can participate and win in carpark drifting.

“Anyone can participate in car park drift, it doesn’t need any high power vehicle, it is all about skills,” he said while explaining the difference between normal drifting and carpark drifting.

Ahmed Daham added that drifting is growing in popularity, having already become the second biggest motor sport after Formula One.

“A lot of people are moving from rallies and time and track racing to drifting, people love to watch drifting more than rally or racing sports,” he added.