ISLAMABAD – Although pilots are cursed and abused internationally for not being well trained and competent enough to steer planes, but a leaked video depicts how pilots are trained will change your entire perception about them.

A video going viral over the internet depicts how a pilot is trained in South Asia. It’s not confirmed as to when and where the video was captured but the trainer and a pilot under training can be seen communicating in Urdu, suggesting that it could be of Pakistani origin.

Infested with instructions wrapped around abuses, a trainer gives guidelines on how to land a jet.

The instructor lashes out at the pilot as he suggests how to steer the plane in order to land on the right track, with desi slurs and quintessential abuses.

The video shatters the notion that pilots are not trained in a tough environment. By hinting at aggressive and sometimes indecent responses in case of any mistake, it gives the impression that when passenger’s lives are at stake, decency and etiquette need to be sidelined.

We do not know which airline the training video belongs to, but the strategy to properly train and inculcate skills in pilots appears to be flawless.

We warn you: the video is NSFW and highly not recommended for family viewing. So, we strongly advise you to plug in your headphones.