LAHORE – Media practitioners are responsible for unveiling immoral activities in the society instead of causing violence as allegedly committed by Sana Faisal, a journalist working for a local news channel.

Leaked video clips of Sana Faisal’s programme, Khufia, show to which extent professional ethics were being followed to maintain the credibility of journalism, which is considered a sacred profession.

In a clip, the reporter can be seen slapping a suspect and declaring him guilty without any substantial evidence or initiating legal proceedings against him for the alleged act.

In another leaked video, she is trying to create artificial thrill in her programme by asking police officials to conduct artillery firing in order to make people venerate the police officials.

Another video which is also leaked by the cameraman of the programme shows the reporter breaking into the premises of a person’s house along with police officials and accusing him of running illegal activities in the house.

One of the leaked videos shows a crew member putting bullets in a drawer and later shows it being recovered by the police.

Cameraman Sajid Ali, who released the videos of Sana Faisal also took to social media and shared a video message saying he was being harassed by the crew of programme called Khufia. Ali said that he has raised his voice against malpractice by the anchor person as nobody has right to enter into anyone’s house forcefully.