ISLAMABAD – Nawaz Sharif is bent upon destroying the country’s judiciary and democratic system after being disqualified by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, claimed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Sunday.

Khan said Sharif’s plan was a “deliberate attempt to continue undermining the Supreme Court of Pakistan by calling into question its decision on the Panama case,” which was a “unanimous decision” by the five-member SC bench after a “thorough investigation”.

The PTI chief said that by doing so, Sharif was “attempting to destroy the judicial system in the country” and is now “prepared to destroy the whole democratic system.”

Khan remarked that this “deliberate attempt by Sharif to attack the judiciary was in complete contrast to PTI’s acceptance of the SC decision on rigging despite the party’s misgivings over the judgment.”

Without going into specific details, Khan also alleged that Sharif, through the GT Road journey, was attempting to pressure the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) which is looking into cases against the Sharif family.