ISLAMABAD – Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Thursday took notice of ongoing propaganda on social media regarding filing of cases against missing bloggers.

“There was no truth in the cases filed against bloggers and these news were ridiculous and non- serious,” said a statement issued by interior ministry.

The minister said the aim of propagation of wrong information in this matter by some elements was to further complicate the matter.

“Maybe they do not realise that this act of theirs was further increasing difficulties for the affected families,” he added

The minister also expressed sympathy with the families of missing persons adding that the government was making every possible effort for the safe recovery of bloggers.

Yesterday, the families of two missing bloggers Salman Haider and Waqas Goraya claimed their loved ones were innocent after a social media campaign painted the activists as blasphemers.

“People are making this up, it is hearsay,” said the wife of Ahmed Waqas Goraya who went missing from Lahore on January 4.

“Whatever content is on that page, we condemn it and he is not responsible for any of it,” she added.

Faraz Haider, brother of Professor Salman Haider, who disappeared from Islamabad said the charges were also putting the lives of other family members in danger.

‘This propaganda does not only impact the people who are already missing, but also, us, their families,” he said.