ISLAMABAD (PR) – New Chinese Cultural Councilor in Pakistan You Yi has said that NUML Confucius Institute, Islamabad is World’s Model Institute and ranked No.1 amongst the 300 Confucius Centers in 50 countries of the world.

“It is providing training facilities not only to students but also to teachers in Chinese language proficiency by offering a galaxy of courses from basic business level to PhD level using multimedia, internet and latest techniques added with high level of Trained Chinese Instructors and Pakistani Teachers,” Yi said in a statement on Monday.


The NUML Confucius Institute, which is also playing vibrant role to strengthen Pak-China Friendship owing to strengthen of Pakistani students, was jointly established in April, 2005 by the Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) and Beijing Language and Culture University hand in hand with National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Islamabad. The major objective of Confucius Institute is based on all-weather strategic partnership between People’s Republic of China and Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The Chinese envoy said “Instrument of Language” is the only key which could build the long lasting relations, and after launching of CPEC the importance of NUML Confucius Institute has increased manifold for both China and Pakistan.

He added the number of Pakistani students are increasing day by day as the love for learning Chinese language is becoming greater and greater amongst Pakistani students, teachers, men of letters, businessmen and professional learners in Science and Technology, Information Technology, Engineering and Health Services.

The Chinese cultural councilor personally thanked NUML Chancellor and President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain, NUML Rector Major General (r) Zia Uddin Najam and NUML Director General Brig Riaz Ahmed Gondal for extending all possible assistance and cooperation to make NUML Confucius Institute Islamabad as the most prestigious one in the world.

Yi also announced that to mark the 67th anniversary of founding of Peoples Republic of China (1949-2016), Chinese Culture Office, Islamabad, is organizing various events through NUML Confucius Institute such as Chinese Language Competition, Cultural Shows, Exhibition of famous Chinese Calligraphy including Donations of Books and Chinese Paintings.

He also pledged to further strengthen “NUML Confucius Institute, Islamabad” in future by increasing the number of Cultural Scholarships for Pakistani students in various disciplines to further strengthen Pak-China Friendship in 21st Century.