Pakistan cannot be held responsible for failure in Afghanistan: Aizaz Ahmad

  • Pakistan Ambassador to US calls for political solution of Afghan conflict
  • He addressed a ceremony regarding Defence Day at Pakistani embassy in Washington

WASHINGTON – Pakistan Ambassador to the United States Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry on Thursday said that Pakistan cannot be blamed for failure in Afghanistan, local media reported.

The envoy stated this while addressing a ceremony regarding Defence Day at the Pakistani embassy in Washington. He also stressed the need for solving the Afghan conflict politically instead of using military.

Highlighting the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan Army during war on terror, he said that the army took effective action against terrorism, besides facing hostility from India.

He affirmed that Pakistan is ready to work with the US and international community to eliminate the terrorism from the region.

The event was attended by US military and political representatives, other ambassadors, while anthems of both countries were played on the event.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump criticised Pakistan for allegedly supporting terrorism and also approved deployment of more troops in Afghanistan by backtracking his promise to exit the war.

Pakistan had given a strong response to the statement and rejected all allegations during a high-level meeting of National Security Committee.