MULTAN – A child maid who is hardly ten-years-old was brutally tortured allegedly by a family with links with politics in Multan, claimed a social media user.

Abid Al Shaikh posted a heart-wrenching video in which the minor, who was shifted to the hospital after torture, can be seen with black and blue patches around her eyes and burn bruises on arms and fingers.

The police officials investigating the case can also be seen in the video, but Shaikh claimed that the case was being suppressed as the accused family is an influential one.

Further details regarding child maid, accused family and progress in the case have not been shared yet.

The people showed anger over the inhuman act of the employer who tortured the innocent child and called for justice.

Another case, pertaining to child maid Tayyaba is currently in the courts. Tayyaba worked as a maid in Justice Raja Khurram’s house and was allegedly tortured by Maheen, wife of the judge, when a broom had gone missing in their home.