LAHORE – Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz and German investigative reporter Bastian Obermayer who investigated the Panama papers and leaked them, exchanged fire on the Panama leaks and took a jibe at each other.

Sending a message to the rivals of her father, Maryam Nawaz termed the Panama scandals a ‘crap’ that have been trashed around the world.

“Panama is crap. Trashed in the rest of the world. Those relying on it to bring down NS will bite the dust,” she tweeted.

She further said: “Panama papers were never about corruption. Even the stealers & hackers (read originators) didn’t say it was. Losers in imminent danger.”

Responding to Maryam, Bastian Obermayer tweet: “Sorry to tell you: Panama Papers ARE about corruption. We found an astonishing number of corruption cases in the documents – and all real,” tweeted back Bastian Obermayer.”

Not to be outdone, Maryam responded indirectly to Bastian’s tweet, claiming that the misery of journalists who hatched Panama Papers ‘conspiracy’ was understandable.

“Journalism isn’t about bringing down a government. It’s about telling the truth. Like it or not,” responded Bastian Obermayer. “Panama papers isn’t only abt Pakistan, btw,” Bastian said while schooling her about journalism.

Minutes later, Frederik Obermaier‏, another Pulitzer-winning journalist who worked on the Panama Papers and who co-authored the authoritative book on the international scandal with Bastian Obermayer, joined the conversation.

He reminded Maryam that the scandal had not been as inconsequential as she believed.